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Are you looking for the best IT Services near you, specifically in New Jersey?  Many IT companies claim to be experts, but, only a few of them are equipped with useful resources. Factually speaking, the professional engineers who hold an expertise are always equipped with advanced resources.


Why Invest with TBS Networks?

Technology Business Solutions ( TBS ) is committed to serve reliable IT support and solutions.  It has a team of highly skilled professionals which assists its customers in resolving  difficult technological issues. If you have an emergency technological problem, TBS makes sure that all of your issues get rectified timely. We always believe in focusing on the business practices which involve development and research on the latest technologies.


Our Mission: How we portray our business

To provide high-quality, innovative, and secured IT Services.


Our Vision: A future business insight

-To deliver the best IT Solution backed up by value, reliability and excellence.

-To emerge as a business leader in the IT Industry.


Our Core Values: Ethics of our business



-Commitment to our customers


What makes our services different

Online Outsourced Service

Asset Management

Solar Winds

IT Project Management


Online Outsourced Service: A Digital IT Solution


We, at TBS offer the best outsourced, Onsite and Helpdesk Services to our customers. Our team delivers exceptional services by employing prompt attention to the customers’ issues. Our Online Outsourced Services not only eliminate the problems of your organization, but, also turn these services into a strategic advantage. Our certified IT Helpdesk operates effectively 24 hours a day. TBS has proved to be a true partner rather than reducing itself as a service provider.


Asset Management: Managing your assets significantly


We provide a full-service software and hardware Asset Management department to go along with our IT Helpdesk. Our experienced team works towards managing all the assets of your organization: deployed laptops, desktops and other network software and hardware licensing.


Our Asset Management services include:


-Vendor Relationship

-Repairs and Warranty problems

-Easy Returns

-Data Management

-Fast Shipping


 IT Project Management


Our experienced technicians and project managers understand the significance of technology for your business. Our TBS team will assist you from the initial stage of planning stage until the final outcome.


Here is a list of Project Management overseen by TBS:


-Designing infrastructure

-Software Development

-Imaging and PC refresh

-Configure network

-Needs Assessment

Our expert team at TBS will work with you in planning, preparing, prioritizing and implementing the projects.


Quick and outstanding highlights of our services:  


-NY based TBS supports local New Jersey companies

-IT HelpDesk is certified and operates 24 hours

-Highly skilled and professional experts meet tight deadlines

-Fully compliant and secure data center

-Incorporates Cloud AD, Antivirus, Email Hosting and Imaging Services for governments and businesses.

-Provides technically superior and most responsive support anywhere.


Get started now and book an appointment for your initial consultation with our experts!

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