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Why your company should conduct email phishing vulnerability test?

Phishing is the oldest (since internet) and probably the simplest trick up a hacker’s sleeve. That simplicity is now being challenged by the black hats that are creating more complex (meaning real-looking) websites, and emails that look more legit than ever.

The ability of these phishes to bypass spam filters can put your company’s business at a significant risk, particularly if it maintains any kind of server-based database. As we have talked before, in any security system, the weakest link is the user. Your employees’ role becomes more grave here, as the whole premise of phishing hacks is based on fooling human users.

The solution is in educating your employees by performing phishing email tests or simulating phishing attacks.

Simulated email spoofing test helps you understand the status of hacking, or internet security related awareness in your employees. In general, the testing expert will create phishing campaigns and repeatedly attack the employees. The goal will be to get the user to enter the required, personal credentials, or to get her to download a malicious file (or attachment) from the email. As soon as this happens, the user will be considered compromised, and in the analysis will be counted against the number of employees with lack of awareness.

Now even if your employees’ awareness to lack of it ratio turns out to be low, it can be remedied. After the test, the time is right for you to implement an awareness or education programme. An impactful workshop, or information material can effectively increase the awareness levels, and as they pertain to malicious emails, ultimately making your system more secure.

Read this to know more about Security Awareness Training. :

Why security penetration testing is important for your company?

Measurements are really important in any phishing test, and cannot be a one time affair. You need to implement a plan that helps you measure improvement in employee awareness and alertness. This could mean taking randomized tests every month, and random intervals, to minimize bias in the data.

It’s important to note that if your employee user-base is large, as in more than 20, it might be better to employee a dedicated expert on contractual basis, or to hire a cyber security awareness agency.

After reading this article, it might be clear to you as to why a phishing vulnerability test might be crucial in keeping your company’s business data secure, and also, its future.

For more information on penetration testing, IT security and IT Project Management,IT Hardware and software asset management, TBS Networks is your best bet. Get in touch with us to know more.


Why Refresh Your Company’s Computers And Servers Every 3 To 4 Years

Organisations today work solely with the help of computers and workstations. There can never be a day in any organisation when they can do without a completely functional computer system. Therefore, proper functioning and efficiency of computers is extremely critical for smoother workflow in every organisation. For better productivity, it is sometimes essential to refresh the computers and servers present in the company. Here are some of the reasons why is it essential for every organisation to refresh their computers and serves every 3 to 4 years.

Hardware Compatibility Demands

Hardware is the backbone of all computer systems and no computer can function without an efficient hardware. The major reason why most of the computer systems require an upgrade is the compatibility. Database and system core services often upgrade while working in an organisation and the hardware might sometimes also become obsolete. Although, hardware is quite independent of the software, but it can pose some serious problems for the independent software vendors. In case the existing hardware of a system does not meet with the servers then the best option is to get your system refreshed or upgraded.

Security reasons

The years of updates and the patches, both play a major role in refreshing of the computer systems. There is a cumulative effect of the years of updates patches on the performance of the overall system. Very often the system gets loaded with huge amounts of malware infectious data which needs to be cleaned efficiently. These malicious infections cause a huge loss to the security of data present within the system. Also, it is quite difficult to spot the dormant infectious agents that might later on become serious threats towards the system. Starting from a clean slate is essential in such cases. It is therefore, essential to get the computer and system refreshed after every interval of time.

It Is Essential To Enhance Productivity

Productivity is a major issue when it comes to companies and organisations. Consider a system breaking down after every 15 minutes and then getting back to fine. Or consider a very slowly functioning system, it is quite difficult for the employees to work with such type of systems and be productive at the same time. For a smoother workflow and better productivity a system should be such that it works at its full potential without lagging. Therefore, one of the most important reasons for actually refreshing the computers every 3 to 4 years is the fact that it directly affects the productivity.

According to some recent researches from Gartner and Microsoft, the overall computer refresh cycle has been crawling upwards with time. The annual cost for keeping up with the system gets high and increases more due to various reasons. Most organisations are finding it suitable to refresh their computer systems instead of replacing it every now and then. IT support provided by TBS network is undoubtedly one of the best option to go with when it comes to help and services related to computer and information technology.


Why security penetration testing is important for your company?

How to minimize the risks?

If you think your company may not be vulnerable to data breaches or ransomware attacks, think again. Members of the corporate world are the prime targets for black-hat groups.

Here are some tips that can help you minimize the risk of security breaches for your company, so that you can continue to offer the best services to your clients, without worrying for data compromises and downtimes.

Penetration tests can be insightful in providing the IT department for making your network’s security robust and inert to any malicious attacks. The security holes might be present in the implementation of network, inherent in the operating system, or in the applications that the users are deployed. The security experts at TBS Networks have years of experience in ethical hacking on their backs, making sure that every test is holistics and finds all the flaws with your firm’s network.

Business Grade Malware Software

Running malware screening or antivirus software is easy. Millions of people use them on their personal computers everyday. But when the use is expanded from managing it on one computer to deploying it on tens, maybe hundreds of systems, a regular consumer-level antivirus software isn’t the most effective and efficient option.

You will need a business grade malware software, that’s scalable according to your network’s size, centrally managed, and offers robust security. Central management is probably the most important feature, as it allows for remote installs, system isolation (so that the virus doesn’t spread), and administer group security policies.

Security Awareness Training

Users are most often the weakest link in any security system, and also the most overlooked aspect. Training them with the basics of systems security can be sometime even more rewarding than a elaborately expensive malware screening system subscription, effectively taking off pressure from your IT budget in the long run. Various techniques can be implemented to ensure maximum response. There are many approaches, each with its own pros, like conventional workshops that teach troubleshooting common security errors in classroom style, handing out passive reading material, or guerilla workshops when the users’ systems are first compromised, and then they are handed out the lessons.

There you go, these are just some of the tips which can surely help your company implement a robust security system. Anytime you’re ready to ramp up your company’s IT department, just drop a message or give a call to our representatives here at TBS Networks and you’ll be smoothly guided through the whole process.


The 2 Factors That Define A Quality Managed IT Service

Finding the right Managed IT Service provider can be crucial to the success of an outsourcing program for your company. Striking the right balance between various aspects of service provisions is important, for example, in terms of cost-effectiveness and the level of on-site support. This article details the two factors of a managed IT service SLA that you should take special care of.

Resolution vs. Response

The first thing that you demand in the Service-level Agreement is that your account gets assigned a dedicated manager. This will ensure smooth communication with the provider, and faster resolution times. Also make sure that the agreement is based on resolution times rather than response times. A good provider will have provisions to counter-incentivize its account when the resolution time limits are exceeded. This means that you’ll be billed a flat amount on response and resolution within the stipulated time, and billed less when those times exceed the set limit.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Imagine a situation that the systems in your office have encountered an error. All the users are not being able to access certain crucial files. You call on the IT service provider and they respond within a time frame that is fast by any standards, and after scouring for the error for two hours, they find fault with the group policy, and the problem is corrected. That’s a good service right? Their response time was good, and they only took two hours to solve the problem. This is a reactive approach.

Now imagine another situation where the error doesn’t cause the loss of 2-3 man hours. This is not because there wasn’t an error, but because it corrected beforehand. The service provider was constantly scanning the system for possible problems and took action before it could cause damage. This is a proactive approach, and triumphs over the former because of obvious benefits.

So, before hitting a deal with the managed IT service provider of your choice, you should query what kind of central analytic system they have, whether it’s in-house or further outsourced, the technologies it implements, and the successes or failures they have had deploying it for previous clients. You may also want to know the situations, or errors, they will proof the systems against, which will ultimately define the robustness of the overall screening services. Some of the systems are now beginning to implement state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to improve detection and better automate the screening process.

Now you know what the important aspects of a service-level agreement are in case of a managed IT service, it will be easier for you to identify and break a deal with provident IT service providers. TBS Networks is at your service to help you leverage on their managed IT services.


How To Choose A Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT service is the practice that involves outsourcing IT services on a proactive basis. As Information technology is the basic foundation for every business, therefore, it is an extremely important element for the businesses. A number of business organisations today are making use of the managed IT services which are performing great in their functions. Choosing a managed IT service provider is a great task in its own. If you too are in the middle of a struggle to choose the best managed IT service provider for your organisations, then you should follow these six guidelines.

Managed IT Service Provider

Six questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing MSPs

Before you finalise a managed IT service provider for your organisation, make sure that you ask yourself these six questions: –

Does Your Managed Service Provider Offers You A Single Point Of Contact ?

Managed Service providers must provide you a single point of contact to assist you in every issue related to the service. Also, there should be just one IT manager who is expert for your organisation. TBS network provides you with a single IT project manager dedicated to just your organisation. Alongside, there is a team of technicians that work along with the project manager looking after the IT services of a particular organisation.

Does Your Managed Service Provider Offer You Globalized Service ?

The managed IT service provider you partner with must consist of several global partners. When it comes to TBS network, the service is always globalised as there are offices present all over the globe that function 24/7.

Does The Managed Service Provider Have Centralized Analytics Capabilities?

Analytics are one of the most important aspects when working with managed services provider as they help in identifying and proactively addressing the issues that might occur. TBS network possesses a proactive ticketing system that identifies the issues and thereby help in focusing on chronic problems.

Does Your MSP offer tiered Cost Systems?

Pricing must be customizable and shouldn’t be same for very critical as well as non-critical systems. TBS network functions by making the prices customizable for every single project. The prices differ on the basis of the type of project.

Do the SLA options hold the provider accountable?

An ideal managed service provider must be willing to pay a penalty fee in case they do not meet the target. TBS network never live by the SLAs and are always accountable for the issues faced by the clients.

Is It easy to communicate with your provider?

Communication is the key to a great and long term partnership and therefore, your managed service providers must communicate well with you. TBS network have client assistance systems which are active 24/7 making it easier for the clients to communicate in a variety of ways.

Choosing one good partner as a managed IT service provider for your organisation is a bit daunting task but once you get a responsible and reliable partner you are sorted for a long time. TBS network stands apart from all the managed IT service providers by passing through all the criterions that are required in an ideal IT service provider.


4 Essentials of an IT Helpdesk

An IT help desk provides a critical service for your organization that helps to insure the smooth operation of the company in total. A well-functioning IT help desk has several common components to them that are needed to operate in a smooth and concise manner. Here are four of the essential things associated with an IT help desk so that it can effectively provide IT helpdesk support services.

1. An Automated Ticket and Tracking System

Individual employees are constantly requesting assistance from an IT department for their computer problems and long-term projects. A ticketing system in which an individual identifies – the issue that they are facing, the immediacy of this request, and who issued the request. For users, a ticket will show the current status of the IT work so that a user can know when their problem will be addressed and to avoid the miscommunication that can result due to interactions. A method for tracking IT requests is best handled through an online ticketing system that details open requests so that the requester and the IT staff can better keep track of the request status.

2. Spare Parts and Components to Avoid Work Delays

The role of an IT department is to keep a company’s employees working without interruption. One way to avoid downtime and delays is to have spare components around the office such as extra keyboards, mouse, usb storage drives, and monitors. By keeping an excess of these cheap parts, as well as some older laptops that have the company’s programs uploaded on them, you can increase the efficiency of your staff and help avoid downtime due to broken computer components.

3. Personnel Trained in Hardware and Software

Organizations will commonly have problems with both hardware and software and being able to quickly diagnose, and address either problem is important. Make sure IT staff operating your helpdesk are familiar with basic computer hardware, as well as the various computer software programs that your business operates in all of its divisions so they can service diverse departments from finance, Human Resource, and software development. For more complex systems consider having contractors online who they can reach out to in order to communicate with, for major problems in the software programs.

4. Method for Upgrading Software Programs for Security Purposes

Security is a key for all IT systems, but particularly for companies that deal with data from customers. Finding ways to help users protect their data and to prevent intrusion by hackers is essential. A good IT helpdesk will design a method for not only protecting user’s machines with a good firewall, but also in providing upgrades to software programs that allow the software to be secured from intrusion.

IT help desk have to face many challenges that are associated with operating a critical business function for the organization. But paying attention to the above mentioned four essential points can help you improve their functioning.

To know more, get in touch with us!


7 Things You Should Consider When Transitioning To Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud is a critical business decision and necessitates a large investment. There are many benefits including automated backups every hour, fully virtualized servers, disaster recovery, and secure hosting. There are seven main considerations before making the switch.

1. The Privacy of Data

There are companies who sell client information to brokers and partners to make money and some companies keep the information confidential. Make certain you know how your data will be handled by your provider and read their privacy policy to protect any sensitive data.

2. The Terms of Service

The terms of service of any vendor must be agreed on before system implementation and this can affect your asset management software. These terms must be read and the parameters understood. An account can be terminated for failure to adhere to the terms. The notification policies and data ownership are the most critical factors. The terms should include an affirmation that the company has their data. Also, it should be clear that you have the right to get back all the data that has been stored on their system. Be careful when a company says they can update any terms without notice.

3. Acceptable Use Policy

This confirms which employees can use the provider’s solution. All behaviors classified as prohibited by the vendor such as spamming and hacking are included. Penalties include termination and fees. This can change without notification so make certain the policy is understood before accepting the vendor.

4. Data Security

Data is stored at an off-site location and another company is responsible for the operations. Research and references are important to establish trust with the vendor. Logical and physical security are critical for data protection and may include armed guards, encryption, and a secure facility for data backup. Make certain the provider has adequate security.

5. Long Term Reliability

An uptime guarantee and an agreement for the service-level should be included in the contract. The golden standard is 99.999 percent regarding uptime or under one minute of unexpected downtime in a month. This standard reflects the commitment of the provider. A protocol with a financial penalty for excess downtime or low standards of performance is ideal. Penalty exclusions may be a negative warning sign.

6. Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Despite cloud services using a data center disaster recovery services, are not standard with all providers and a separate purchase is often required. A written copy of a provider’s recovery process should be attained and read. A clear outline of their time objective for recovery and the amount of data subject to loss should also be included.

7. The Transparency of The Termination Clause

The termination clause must be read thoroughly and carefully. A transparent termination clause protects the business in the event the contract is ended prematurely. Some providers have a buyout clause which makes terminating a contract early very expensive. The most important aspect of any provider is the fine print within the contract. Understanding exactly what is being agreed upon is critical for the IT structure of the business and a successful transition to the cloud.

If you are looking for an expert cloud service provider, get in touch with us today!


Callidus Cloud

CallidusCloud is the global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing and learning solutions. CallidusCloud enables organizations to accelerate and maximize their lead to money process with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate configure price quote, and streamline sales compensation — driving bigger deals, faster. Over 4,700 organizations, across all industries, rely on CallidusCloud to optimize the lead to money process to close more deals for more money in record time. Being that CallidusCloud is such a large company, they sought out TBS to install their Web Helpdesk product that they purchased from SolarWinds.


Scripps Networks Interactive

Scripps Networks Interactive is a leading developer of engaging lifestyle content in the home, food and travel categories for television, digital, mobile and publishing. Scipps distributes seven entertainment brands in 29 languages reaching nearly 165 million households in more than 175 countries and territories. Scripps is headquartered in Tennessee but has many offices on both sides of the US. Internationally, they have offices in London and Singapore. Once again, TBS and SolarWinds connected for this project. TBS installed and managed the rollout of SolarWInds network monitoring software throughout all of Scripps’ footprint worldwide.

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