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TBS & SolarWinds

A Partnership To Enhance Your Business

  • Designed specifically to meet your exclusive SolarWinds Network Management and Monitoring requirements, TBS offers individualized support for each unique client.
  • TBS is used to providing both remote and on-site preimplementation assessment/planning and consulting services provided by SolarWinds certified trainers.
  • Types of TBS’s SolarWinds solutions offerings include:
    • Discovery & Assessments
    • Implementations
    • Optimization
    • Customization
    • Administrator-level training
    • Consultations based on industry standards and best practices



Does your company need SolarWinds Expertise?

  • Look no further. With TBS, you can customize and improve your SolarWinds Network Management System by utilizing service offerings designed specifically for you.

Application, Security, Storage and Network Management Software:

  • SolarWinds is changing the way companies, small and large, monitor and manage their IT environments. Discover why SolarWinds application, storage, security, and network management software is used by companies world-wide to reduce application and network downtime, manage network configuration, change and compliance, and improve network and application efficiency.
  • SolarWinds has focused on making the array of products even stronger by increasing functionality, interoperability, and scalability. The latest product offerings easily handle the challenge of distributed, multivendor network environments without the complexity; making it the most powerful and strong version of monitoring tools to date.


Business Opportunities

SolarWinds solutions provide:

  • Compliance – Ensures compliance of regulatory standards such as SOX, HIPPA, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NIST
  • Interoperability – Support for more than 16 different hardware vendors, along with virtually every major security application solarwind
  • Ease of Use – Requires little to no training with do-it-yourself-deployment
  • Visibility – Drill down maps and Top 10 views of your enterprise network
  • Scalability – Hot standby engines, multiple polling engines and additional web servers
  • Efficiency– Support for Cisco EnergyWise to regulate energy policies & consumption
  • Mobility – Enabling administrators, staff, and guests to gain access to authorized networks and data from personal or issued mobile devices
  • Security – Restricting network access for rogue, unauthorized, and restricted devices, and malicious apps


Why TBS Chose SolarWinds Training

  • Training Services are available to your employees either on site or remotely.
  • Training is done hands on and each ‘student’ is provided with an extensive user manual after the training is completed.
  • Training sessions can be customized to fit your needs and/or interests.
    • Additionally, we offer a comprehensive training that takes 4 days to complete.
  • TBS also provides consulting services on customization, knowledge transfer, implementation, installation, optimization as well as ongoing and remote support


TBS Also Provides Training

Completing the comprehensive training will give you a wide range of skills

  • Network Management Products
    • NPM
    • NCM
    • IPAM
    • UDT
    • NTA
    • VNQM
    • Toolset
    • Topology Mapper
  • System Management Products
    • SAM
    • VM
    • SRM
    • WPM
  • IT Help Desk Products
    • Web Help Desk
    • DameWare
    • Mobile Admin
  • Database Management Products
    • DPA
  • IT Security Products
    • LEM
    • PM
    • FSM
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