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Apple Certified Support Professional

The TBS Mac Support Team has been trained on the ACSP certification. The Apple Certified Support Professional certification is designed for technicians working in business environments supporting Apple computers and confirms our understanding of the macOS core functionality. Our technicians have an established competency in the installation and configuration of macOS High Sierra, managing user accounts, file systems used by macOS, enforcing policy across a network, data management, applications and processes, network configurations, system management and security.


Our Mac Friendly Customers

TBS supports a wide variety of customers that utilize Mac computers in their IT environment. Below are some of the customers we support which heavily utilize Macs in their organizations. These are just a few of our customers. You can find more on our website.


Mac Computer in the Enterprise

Along with our Microsoft Certified Professional Support Team, we understand that organizations simply do not run on only Windows-based systems. Our Mac Support Team members use MacBooks alongside their Windows computers for supporting our customers so that we can immerse our techs in both environments simultaneously. We have provided mandatory Apple certification course training to our new employees as well to ensure that our entire staff are proficient in both Windows and Mac technologies.


macOS and Active Directory

TBS is continually evaluating and testing new products to integrate Mac computers into an Active Directory environment. TBS has provided support for Mac computers within the Enterprise and have leveraged tools such as Apple Enterprise Connect, Nomad Pro, and Cradlepoint Perimeter to integrate Mac computers with Active Directory.


Your Team

Below you will meet some of our Mac Support Team Members. During the time that our Mac Support Team has been with TBS they have been working to continually hone their skills on the ever developing technology of macOS. Our Mac support team is always expanding as other employees are continuing their certification training as part of our mandate to continually educate our employees.

  • Ian Mulrennan
    Mac Support Team Lead
    Ian has been part of the TBS Team since 2015. Ian has established himself as a strong team leader and has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in both the Mac and Windows OS level. Ian provides direction and 3rd level assistance to the Mac Support Team. He has assisted our customers in supporting their server and cloud infrastructure and is part of our project management team at TBS.
  • Eanna Flannery
    Mac Support Team Specialist
    Eanna came aboard TBS in July of 2016. Since then Eanna has displayed his strong skills in supporting both Mac and Windows users. He is the person others turn to when they need to bring in some additional knowledge when working to resolve issues. Eanna has a strong knowledge of macOS including the latest release of High Sierra and the configuration of components such as File Vault. He is one of our lead specialists for OKTA, Cradlepoint, and Sophos Cloud.
  • Vincent Jeck
    Mac Support Team Engineer
    Vince became part of the TBS family in 2015. Since then he has been a key support engineer proving himself capable of tackling the most challenging support issues on both Mac and Windows computers. Vince is also an integral part of our continual improvement mandate to keep our engineers trained in all areas of IT from desktop support to network security and 3rd party cloud management like Office 365 and OKTA.
  • Sarah Kenny
    Mac Support Team EngineerSarah came aboard TBS in 2017. She quickly demonstrated a great base knowledge of both Windows and macOS. She has demonstrated her ability to quickly assist our customers and is a top ticket closer each month. Sarah also has a great amount of knowledge of Office 365 and OKTA.


Here are some of the questions you may have about our Mac Support Team

  • 1

    How Do I contact the TBS Mac Support team?

    You can contact our TBS Mac Support team by dialing 1-800-719-8324 and choose ext. 0 or you can email Just specify you have a Mac computer and we will route you to one of our Mac specialists

  • 2

    When I need help should I ask for a member of the Mac Support Team?

    Our technicians are required to ask when making contact if you are a windows or mac user. But it’s always helpful to let TBS know that you are a Mac user when contacting our helpdesk.

  • 3

    Is there any established wait time if I need to work with a support team member?

    Our Support team is available 24 hours a day for your assistance. If they are busy engaging with other customers our average wait time for both Windows and Mac users are under 30 minutes.

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