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TBS Signs contract With Goodway Group

On September 2nd 2014 TBS and the Goodway group signed a support and hosting agreement. TBS will be providing 24/7 Helpdesk support to the entire user group of GWG. TBS will also provide asset management of all laptops, tablets and Phones as well as hosting all the companies critical data sets on our cloud based secure data center.

About Goodway

Goodway Group is a third-generation, family-owned company that operates the Custom Audience Platform, an on-demand digital-media infrastructure designed to help clients reach their target market by finding the right audience on the right sites at the right time.

Backed by more than 30 years of local retail-marketing experience, Goodway Group underwent a transformation in 2006 to bring its expertise, outstanding customer service, and best-in-class technology and business intelligence to the digital-media space. The company is headquartered in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, (outside of Philadelphia) but also has great talent in offices across the country in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Peak Completions Helpdesk

TBS and Peak Completions agree on Helpdesk Support deal! http://www.peakcompletions.com

Peak Completion Technologies, Inc. was established in December 2003. Peak specializes in multi-lateral completion technologies in the oil services and exploration industry which offers a full range of completion designs and products for all completion techniques.

TBS will support peak users world wide on all level I & II platform. This is a nice addition to our already existing email hosting solution we provide peak currently.


TBS Signs North America helpdesk agreement- X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The Company, which now includes color industry leader Pantone, Inc., develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

TBS will provide level I & II support for the North America locations. This latest addition complements our onsite technical support staff in Hong Kong as well as Regensdorf Switzerland. We are very pleased how our relationship with X-rite has continued to grow around the globe.

TBS Ramps Data Center in Mount Laurel, NJ, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, Fl, Boston, MA, and Dublin, Ireland

TBS has completed our data center ramp up in Mount Laurel, NJ, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, Fl, Boston, MA, and Dublin, Ireland and now offers enterprise hosting to our European customers. As we continue to grow our footprint in Europe, TBS is branching out to offer our hosting solutions to our current client base as well as potential new customers in the EU.Our data center equipment is owned and operated by TBS and is located in a highly secure data center space. Contact TBS for more details and hosting solutions.

Remy Cointreau USA

Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rémy Cointreau Group and is charged with importing and distributing an extensive portfolio of premium and ultra

premium spirits and wines. This international firm has renewed it’s contract for a third consecutive year with TBS to assist in on site and off site help desk 24/7. TBS is very excited to be working with Remy Cointreau and for the opportunity of providing technology support to Remy’s business unit.

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