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Core Business

Our services are built from the following four models:


IT Helpdesk:

With a response time of less than 30 minutes, and open whenever you are, our technicians provide immediate assistance for projects that involve prompt attention.


Managed Services:

Looking to improve productivity and lessen downtime? Our managed services offer strategic management of systems and networks that will support your firms technology. While it’s not a comprehensive list, a few of the services we offer include email hosting, antivirus, cloud AD, as well as imaging services for businesses and governments.


Onsite Support:

From per diem to full time requests, our friendly technicians aim to foster personal relationships with our clients, and work diligently to become huge resources to their business.


Project Management:

The dedicated IT professionals that make up our group work side by side with clients to provide critical horsepower for strategic projects. With extensive training and experience, our engineers and system administrators are confident in the tried and true practices as well as the latest developments.



An effective solution to technology improvement is more than just adding a piece of hardware or installing the latest software. It takes educated professionals to analyze a situation and design solutions that work best for today’s networks. Understanding computer networks and technology is basic; the technicians at TBS understand how to use this technology to gain competitive advantages for our clients.


With TBS’ information technology, clients join forces with an expert business partner. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of computer networks, technology and business to deliver customized, high quality and cost effective IT solutions that meet our clients’ unique business goals and technical requirements.


Quick. Accommodating. Personable. At TBS, we strive to be your preferred technology partner, which means you get customizable plans, friendly techs and fast service.

Managed Services

Our helpdesk can be reached three ways.

IT Project Management

The team at TBS has a terrific blend of experienced technology professionals who understand the role IT plays in most companies.

Onsite Support

We have customers all over the United States and Europe. Our data center is located in Mount Laurel, NJ and our cloud disaster recovery center is in Chicago, Ill. Additionally, we operate a data center in Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, Fl, Boston, MA, and Dublin, Ireland that services our email hosting clients in Europe.

IT Helpdesk Support

TBS places a very high priority on 100% up time. Our data centers and backup sources are monitored 24/7. In addition, our helpdesk is answered by a live representative 365 days a year.

Our Commitment

TBS is committed to providing our clients the very best technology services in the industry. We accomplish this task by providing fast response times, knowledgable representatives who care about our clients and competitive prices.

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