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Cloud Based Virus protection

The marketplace has many choices for Businesses to protect themselves from virus/malware intrusions. At Technology Business Solutions we have tested many of these products over the years and have found a cloud based product from Sophos to be very effective as well as centralizes the management of protecting a firm from the many variants that seem to come out daily.

TBS has implemented this product into many companies large and small which has produced great results for the end users with significant drop off in downtime and an increase in productivity. If you would like to find out more about this product please contact our helpdesk for more information.

Proven Protection Technology

We’ve based Sophos Cloud on the same proven technology that protects over 100 million devices worldwide. And, your security policies will follow each user across devices, platforms and locations.

  • Stop malware with multiple layers of protection: web exploit detection, HIPS, buffer overflow protection and more
  • Reduce your attack surface by monitoring or restricting access to removable devices
  • Keep your protection current with automatic updates and real-time lookups of suspicious files over any Internet connection
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