The newest cybersecurity threats and how to manage them


Technology has truly encapsulated near everything in modern society: you’re even reading this article on a webpage right now. Therefore, if you run or are employed by a company in the 21st century, you likely conduct a breadth of your business operations online, from everyday management to more important matters, dealing with sensitive information. One of the more popular methods by which to provide helpdesk tech support, utilized by specific companies, is the call center. By substantiating quantity to provide quality, call centers often consist of large facilities with an abundance of staff to ensure that your specific issue is handled quickly. However, while this aspect of the call center is beneficial in theory, in practice there are more issues that arise than benefits to this method of outsourced helpdesk. Partnering with TBS for your firm’s technical helpdesk support eliminates these issues, and provides better service for your 24/7 tech support needs.

Unfortunately, with the increase in technological involvement has come the increase in cyber crime, and these criminals have crafted a living for themselves based on taking advantage of businesses that are ill-prepared. These types of cybersecurity breaches can result in more than just the loss of precious data and potentially profit for your firm, but they can also break the trust that your business garners on both a B2B and a B2C level. Therefore, it is imperative for the success of your firm to be aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and know how to properly deal with them:


You are probably aware of the term, since phishing scams are one of the oldest tricks up cyber criminals’ sleeves. These types of attacks prey on misleading individuals, and are messages sent digitally (usually through an email inbox) that are meant to appear real, but in fact, are false. These attacks usually prompt the user to click on a link or send some other information back to the address, which then exposes you, the user, to malware and leaves your data open for these criminals to steal. Phishing attacks are only becoming more complex and harder to detect, and on top of common sense, software such as Zimperium (which uses machine learning to detect phishing attacks) can be used to protect your firm.


This type of attack involves the stealing of a firm’s database or sensitive informative collective in order to hold the data hostage for a ransom. These attacks have become harder to track financially as well due to the rise of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Industry standard protection software such as Malwarebites offer security solutions, and authentication factors to increase the security of your firm’s data helps immensely. p>


With the rise of cryptocurrency, the trend of “cryptojacking” has become prominent. This involves criminals using a firm’s computers or even alternate home computers to mine for cryptocurrency (“mining” is the term used when transactions of cryptocurrency are verified by an external server, and added to what is called a “blockchain” of transactions. This is the entire process by which cryptocurrency is founded upon, the fact that external servers verify transactions, thus freeing users from a national banking institution). The criminals make money off of this because mining requires a heavy amount of processing power, and by exploiting other organizations’ systems, this makes it easier for them to do so. When criminals do this, the performance of your firm’s hardware can decrease drastically and the issue can often be hard to track down. Since cryptojacking is often accomplished by hacking into a web browser, using extensions to detect it such as minerBlock can help protect your hardware.


One common misconception that our team at Technology Business Solutions would like to make clear is that often, businesses will become lax in their preparations for potential cybersecurity threats, claiming that they are too small to be affected or targeted. This could not be further from the truth. Though the large data mining breaches and leaking of personal information heard on the media are from large companies such as Facebook or Sony, they are talked about due to the size of the breaches, and small companies are targeted equally, if not more, often than large corporations. Due to how advanced cyber crime has become, therefore requiring enhanced cybersecurity, no business can be considered “off the radar” anymore.

At TBS, our experienced team of subject matter experts, a 24/7 tech support system, know all the industry standard cybersecurity software and are adeptly trained to solve issues and prevent further issues from appearing in your firm’s technology. By partnering with TBS for your cybersecurity needs, you can rest easy knowing that your data, hardware, and systems are protected by our expertise.

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