The benefits of partnering with TBS for project management and implementation


Long and complicated projects that often have long-term consequences for the future success of your business are crucially important. Whether it’s migrating your firm’s activities to another operating system or upgrading your operating system, to moving physical systems to a virtual storage space in the Cloud, partnering with TBS for your large projects and moves will ensure the highest quality of service and knowledge so you can be reassured that each step of any given process will be undertaken with minimal delay.

TBS understands the many benefits of undertaking these important enterprises, and our experienced technicians can explain how each step will benefit your business. We provide clear and concise, yet accurately detailed steps on how to undergo any given process for your firm, and our TBS staff have years of experience in the conducting of project-based work. The types of planning services TBS offer helps establish the potential cost of the project, as well as establish plans for the complexity of the project with differing routes our technicians can take if something unexpected arises. Whether your firm partners with TBS for the planning of projects, implementation, or both, you can be assured that our subject matter experts will manage and help complete any tasks that need to be accomplished. Call centers struggle with specific issues due to the lack of depth in quality in the service. Additionally, call centers run by a helpdesk company are often only trained to assist in a specific method of procedure for a specific software or platform. At TBS, we pride ourselves on maintaining an expansive base of knowledge for all industry-standard software and platforms. No matter what needs, for both Windows and Mac OS, from Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, to next-gen antivirus software such as Sophos and Crowdstrike, data analytics software like Tableau, VPN clients, and much more, TBS is sure to provide a thorough technical helpdesk support for your firm.

These projects often provide essential help to your firm’s services, and nobody understands this better than TBS. For example, moving physical servers to a web-based hosting service in the “Cloud”, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure provides a host of benefits for your firm. These types of web-based services provide increased security for your sensitive data, and can additionally provide other benefits, such as Office 365 tie-ins with Azure. Even for migrating your firm’s email system to office 365, you can be assured of quality assistance, advice, and expertise.

TBS’ technicians and staff understand the ins and outs of project management, and the benefits they can bring to your business, so you can be assured when partnering with TBS that your every need can be taken care of.

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