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In today’s business environment, it is more crucial than ever to prepare and protect your firm against cyber-attacks. It is the reality of the world we live in that these types of attacks can happen to any firm, and those that do not pre-plan for defending against attacks will be severely hurt. Breaches in your firm’s cybersecurity can result in the loss of private sensitive data, potential revenue, and customer/consumer trust, and by partnering with TBS for your firm’s cybersecurity needs, our subject matter experts can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Technology Business Solutions can help your firm take both preventative and restorative action in regard to cybersecurity. TBS’ training programs include security awareness training to help your firm become more aware of the different types of cyber-attacks and how to defend against them from the outset. However, attacks do occur regardless of pre-planning, at times. In these situations, regardless of how your firm has fallen victim to a cyber-attack, TBS has both the means and team available to handle any and all issues. Our experienced technicians will assist with both the implementation and execution of restorative action to help your business recover from a cyber-attack.

As an example of how Technology Business Solutions can help your firm recover, a client was recently victimized by a Ransomware attack. With TBS’ implementation, and assistance, a plan was formulated and completed to help the business recover. TBS helped restore servers from imaged backups, removed all the hard drives from the firm’s laptops and desktops for forensic and legal purposes, replaced the hard drives in all end-user devices and re-imaged them with a fresh windows 10 image, and finally, kept the business running using continuity plans, assisted by TBS, that were in place prior to the attack.

TBS’ 24/7 support, provided by an experienced team of subject matter experts, provides your business with the security of knowing cyber-attacks will not cripple your firm. Our technicians are experienced in all industry-standard cybersecurity software and can help prevent further issues with contingency planning implemented both before and after any potential attack. TBS cannot guarantee that your firm will not be a victim of a cyber-attack, but we can say with certainty that your firm will be protected from one.

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