How To Choose A Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT service is the practice that involves outsourcing IT services on a proactive basis. As Information technology is the basic foundation for every business, therefore, it is an extremely important element for the businesses. A number of business organisations today are making use of the managed IT services which are performing great in their functions. Choosing a managed IT service provider is a great task in its own. If you too are in the middle of a struggle to choose the best managed IT service provider for your organisations, then you should follow these six guidelines.

Managed IT Service Provider

Six questions To Ask Yourself While Choosing MSPs

Before you finalise a managed IT service provider for your organisation, make sure that you ask yourself these six questions: –

Does Your Managed Service Provider Offers You A Single Point Of Contact ?

Managed Service providers must provide you a single point of contact to assist you in every issue related to the service. Also, there should be just one IT manager who is expert for your organisation. TBS network provides you with a single IT project manager dedicated to just your organisation. Alongside, there is a team of technicians that work along with the project manager looking after the IT services of a particular organisation.

Does Your Managed Service Provider Offer You Globalized Service ?

The managed IT service provider you partner with must consist of several global partners. When it comes to TBS network, the service is always globalised as there are offices present all over the globe that function 24/7.

Does The Managed Service Provider Have Centralized Analytics Capabilities?

Analytics are one of the most important aspects when working with managed services provider as they help in identifying and proactively addressing the issues that might occur. TBS network possesses a proactive ticketing system that identifies the issues and thereby help in focusing on chronic problems.

Does Your MSP offer tiered Cost Systems?

Pricing must be customizable and shouldn’t be same for very critical as well as non-critical systems. TBS network functions by making the prices customizable for every single project. The prices differ on the basis of the type of project.

Do the SLA options hold the provider accountable?

An ideal managed service provider must be willing to pay a penalty fee in case they do not meet the target. TBS network never live by the SLAs and are always accountable for the issues faced by the clients.

Is It easy to communicate with your provider?

Communication is the key to a great and long term partnership and therefore, your managed service providers must communicate well with you. TBS network have client assistance systems which are active 24/7 making it easier for the clients to communicate in a variety of ways.

Choosing one good partner as a managed IT service provider for your organisation is a bit daunting task but once you get a responsible and reliable partner you are sorted for a long time. TBS network stands apart from all the managed IT service providers by passing through all the criterions that are required in an ideal IT service provider.

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