Supplementing your internal IT helpdesk support with an outsourced firm like TBS

3 Ways TBS Outsource Services can Support Your Internal IT Help Desk

Most companies allocate a certain amount of resources to handle their IT problems and issues. Based on the financial amount available in that year’s budget, the Information Technology department may be able to hire enough resources to take care of the projects that they are assigned to. In other years, the projects and tasks assigned can completely overload the staff and they may be short on staff for a period of time. Specifically, in the area of maintaining a help desk. While this kind of problem can lead to bigger issues, there is at least one common way to solve these issues of concern and that is to hire an outsource agency like TBS to support the Internal IT Help Desk Team.

Having said that, if your organization is currently challenged with these types of resource problems, here are some things that you should know about the overall support that TBS Outsource Services can provide and the associated benefits.

1. Offer Flexibility to the Internal Staff

Normally, when an internal IT help desk team needs help from a third party outsource agency, the demand for their job is usually high and sporadic. Based on the team’s project assignments and the daily routine activities that they are presently assigned to, they may need support from others who are much more flexible. For instance, some IT departments that operate help desk may support their lines between the hours of 9 to 5. So, they will always need someone to respond to requests during these work hours. When this is the case, the external resources must be able to support the help desk whenever there is a slot that needs to be filled. So, for companies that need this type of help, it is important to note that TBS specializes in this kind of flexible support.

2. Provides Seasoned Expertise for Each Tier

When an IT help desk responds to different issues of concern, they must be equipped to handle them with the right answers. Also, because some IT concerns are simple to respond to, the level of help needed from an outsource services can vary. Therefore, each call can be classified into different tiers. Some of which are more complex and difficult than others. To that end, any time an help desk outsource team is assigned to support an Internal Helpdesk group, it is essential that they are skilled in the simple to very complex problems. Which means, whenever TBS is called on to answer help desk questions, it is very important that we offer the most high-level team members to fill in the void.

3. TBS Offers White Label IT helpdesk support services

TBS is also equipped to offer IT helpdesk support services for IT departments that need it. If required, our team can offer remote services for a wide variety of problems including hardware and software repair issues. The team’s goal is to work with their clients to provide a seamless solution that emulates the mission of the companies that they serve.

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