The benefits of outsourcing project management with TBS


In the realm of computing software and technology, innovation and updates continue to grow on a near exponential level. More often than not, this brings about a welcome change to the platform in question, however, navigating change can be complicated. Whether your firm needs assistance in the implementation of new software, or are undergoing a full software migration, large projects like these are important for your business and it is crucial to the business’ success that they are implemented properly.

When your firm outsources project management and IT helpdesk services with TBS, you can be assured of top quality service across the board. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing with TBS:

“Subject Matter Experts”

At TBS, we understand and put into practice that general knowledge just doesn’t make the grade in today’s complicated world of technical helpdesk support. Your firm may already have an internal helpdesk team, but they may not have a particular skill set in a needed area, or a best-case scenario, may be familiar with the program but not entirely helpful.

Technology Business Solutions’ global IT support technicians aren’t just specialists in remote helpdesk support and onsite IT services, they are what we term “subject matter experts”. We understand that your firm requires particular expertise and experience in the software and platforms you use. For example, if your business’ heavily relies on Microsoft Azure, a software that requires a thorough expertise, you can be confident that your TBS technician will be able to provide solutions to any and all questions.


TBS technicians will be open and honest with your firm about the benefits and weaknesses of your business’ current IT solutions and will be sure to provide objective outsourced helpdesk solutions to minimize any and all risks to your firm’s operations and security. This transparency in service that TBS provides in project management is sure to be beneficial to future business operations and security for your firm.


By outsourcing project management and technical helpdesk support with TBS, you can be sure that migration and security projects are handled correctly with as little delay as possible. By tapping into the expertise of TBS, your firm can positively impact the cost-effectiveness of your outsourced IT solutions and your PMO.

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