The benefits of partnering with TBS for adjunct helpdesk support

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Not all technical support requires a completely outsourced IT helpdesk. In fact, at times, having an existing internal helpdesk support system can be beneficial for your firm’s productivity and the carrying out of large projects such as system migrations. Your business can rest assured knowing that your on-site IT services technicians are completely versed and familiar with any particular problems that may arise.

However, while your business’ internal helpdesk may be experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to assisting your everyday needs, IT tech support systems can become overwhelmed when they also manage larger projects. In this case, the overall productivity of the system, and therefore your business as a whole, decreases, which is then poor for your bottom line.

When your business partners with Technology Business Solutions, and our experienced outsource helpdesk, you can be assured that the service delivered will be fully customized to fit your business’ needs. In the case of the problem described before, your business’ partnership with TBS can easily be an adjunct service.

Say, for example, that your firm’s internal IT helpdesk is becoming overwhelmed with a mass influx of tickets, and need more resources to focus on larger projects that take precedence. TBS can provide service as an adjunct resource, taking the bulk of daily IT responsibility as not to burden your internal technicians with daily support issues or simple requests. TBS can then triage these helpdesk tickets and assign them based on importance. TBS understands that some businesses do not want outsourced IT helpdesk technicians working with proprietary software or with sensitive data.

To this end, TBS can assort and handle lower value tickets and close them on your business’ behalf, while only gathering background information on sensitive tickets to pass on to internal staff. Unlike other outsourced IT helpdesks, TBS technicians understand that your firm will be presented with unique challenges, and each technician will get to know all of the ins and outs of your business. This customization to your company’s need provides a better quality service, and helps increase productivity.

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