Why partnering with TBS outweighs the benefits of using a call center


One of the more popular methods by which to provide helpdesk tech support, utilized by specific companies, is the call center. By substantiating quantity to provide quality, call centers often consist of large facilities with an abundance of staff to ensure that your specific issue is handled quickly. However, while this aspect of the call center is beneficial in theory, in practice there are more issues that arise than benefits to this method of outsourced helpdesk. Partnering with TBS for your firm’s technical helpdesk support eliminates these issues, and provides better service for your 24/7 tech support needs.

TBS’ expansive knowledge base

Call centers struggle with specific issues due to the lack of depth in quality in the service. Additionally, call centers run by a helpdesk company are often only trained to assist in a specific method of procedure for a specific software or platform. At TBS, we pride ourselves on maintaining an expansive base of knowledge for all industry-standard software and platforms. No matter what needs, for both Windows and Mac OS, from Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, to next-gen antivirus software such as Sophos and Crowdstrike, data analytics software like Tableau, VPN clients, and much more, TBS is sure to provide a thorough technical helpdesk support for your firm.

Customization of services to fit your business

Call centers are not tailored for your firm’s specific needs, due to the broad nature of their composition. With so many employees hired to deal with remote helpdesk support, it cannot be guaranteed that anyone representative will know the ins and outs of your business. This changes with TBS’ 24/7 helpdesk support. TBS representatives and technicians will have an intimate knowledge of your firm’s specific tech support needs, and combined with the technical knowledge provided, results in a more than satisfactory service. Additionally, while call centers can only provide outsourced, remote support, with often vague instructions on how to assist your issues, TBS provides detailed remote helpdesk support, as well as onsite IT services.

Personal touch to complement those specific needs

Dealing with a call center can feel impersonal, and it can be stressful for both your firm and the tech support representative if there is a disconnect in expectation and service. This will never be a problem with TBS’ outsourced helpdesk. Our technicians are committed to understanding your business and all of the unique caveats of running a firm in the 21st century. Because of this, there is little confusion when working with TBS for helpdesk support services.

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