Why security penetration testing is important for your company?

How to minimize the risks?

If you think your company may not be vulnerable to data breaches or ransomware attacks, think again. Members of the corporate world are the prime targets for black-hat groups.

Here are some tips that can help you minimize the risk of security breaches for your company, so that you can continue to offer the best services to your clients, without worrying for data compromises and downtimes.

Penetration tests can be insightful in providing the IT department for making your network’s security robust and inert to any malicious attacks. The security holes might be present in the implementation of network, inherent in the operating system, or in the applications that the users are deployed. The security experts at TBS Networks have years of experience in ethical hacking on their backs, making sure that every test is holistics and finds all the flaws with your firm’s network.

Business Grade Malware Software

Running malware screening or antivirus software is easy. Millions of people use them on their personal computers everyday. But when the use is expanded from managing it on one computer to deploying it on tens, maybe hundreds of systems, a regular consumer-level antivirus software isn’t the most effective and efficient option.

You will need a business grade malware software, that’s scalable according to your network’s size, centrally managed, and offers robust security. Central management is probably the most important feature, as it allows for remote installs, system isolation (so that the virus doesn’t spread), and administer group security policies.

Security Awareness Training

Users are most often the weakest link in any security system, and also the most overlooked aspect. Training them with the basics of systems security can be sometime even more rewarding than a elaborately expensive malware screening system subscription, effectively taking off pressure from your IT budget in the long run. Various techniques can be implemented to ensure maximum response. There are many approaches, each with its own pros, like conventional workshops that teach troubleshooting common security errors in classroom style, handing out passive reading material, or guerilla workshops when the users’ systems are first compromised, and then they are handed out the lessons.

There you go, these are just some of the tips which can surely help your company implement a robust security system. Anytime you’re ready to ramp up your company’s IT department, just drop a message or give a call to our representatives here at TBS Networks and you’ll be smoothly guided through the whole process.

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